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Australia's favourite gardening club

Growing your own food and creating your own beautiful garden has never been easier! The Diggers Club is Australia's largest garden club with over 40 years experience in providing the best range of heirloom seeds and plants. Members enjoy 6 magazines per year, 8 free packets of seed per year, member discounts on all products, free expert horticultural advice and much more.

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Summer in the gardens

Now is the perfect time to gather your friends and family and enjoy a day out in our gardens. Visit HeronswoodThe Garden of St ErthAdelaide or Cloudehill & bring a picnic, or book into our cafes for lunch. Enjoy the shade and respite away from the summer crowds, and leave full of ideas and inspiration for your own summer garden at home.

The Diggers Foundation

Proceeds from The Diggers Club go towards supporting the vital work of The Diggers Foundation, a registered charity established in 2011 by Clive & Penny Blazey. The Blazey family generously gifted The Diggers Club, including the beautiful Heronswood House and Gardens, and The Garden of St Erth to The Diggers Foundation to “ensure that the work we’ve done over more than 30 years in preserving historic gardens and houses as well as the best garden traditions through education will continue forever,” said Clive.

Learn more about The Diggers Foundation

Free 2021 calendar with all memberships

As our gift to you, all memberships will receive a free 2021 Diggers calendar valued at $21.95. Applies to all new, gift and renewing memberships whilst stocks last. 

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Spring flowering Bulbs

Don't miss out on our beautiful range of spring-flowering bulbs, shop the range today.

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Things to do in January

Summer pruning of fruit trees

Start to think about pruning fruit trees after you have harvested the fruit. Pruning at this time of year will restrict the growth of the tree, making it the ideal time to prune espaliered fruits. 

Give fruit trees a good, deep water

If it's been a dry summer, give your fruit trees a good, deep water once a week. This is better than a daily, light water than will only reach roots close to the surface. It will also prevent fruit from splitting. 

Fill up the bird baths

It is not just plants that need a drink over summer! Keep bird baths topped up to help the wildlife cool down. Birds will love having a splash around and it is delightful to watch. 

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